General Overview of Accurics and Terrascan

The popularity of cloud native technologies such as serverless, containers, and service mesh, paired with DevOps, is driving rapid adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as a way to maintain agility while eliminating manual processes and the opportunity for errors. As a result, cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly immutable: it is never modified after it is deployed. If something needs to be modified, it is changed in code and new infrastructure is provisioned.

Complexity is increasing, with more services, languages, application stacks, cloud providers, and management interfaces creating many opportunities for accidental or malicious data exposure. IaC is helping, but the majority of organizations still allow privileged users to make changes to cloud infrastructure in runtime which violates immutability. The only way to ensure immutable security is to ensure that the IaC becomes the single source of truth.

Accurics enables immutable security for cloud native infrastructure so that organizations can embrace the latest cloud native technologies with confidence. The Accurics platform establishes a secure posture by detecting and remediating policy violations as well as potential breach paths across Infrastructure as Code. It maintains the secure posture by monitoring cloud native infrastructure in runtime and mitigating risks from changes.

Terrascan is an open-source tool that you can incorporate into your existing processes and pipelines to validate that your IaC meets security best practices throughout the development process.

Accurics provides a variety of free and paid packages supporting immutable security use cases throughout your organization.

More information about Terrascan and Accurics packages is available in this post.