Accurics plan on linux ami gives error when do a terraform plan - terraform scan

problem : Accurics plan , enter ---> invalid AWS Region , Accurics plan -config=us-east-1 , Error , waiting for Terraform plan to finish . EXIT1

Kindly help in this regard


Hi Vishaal and Welcome!

I'm checking with our Accurics experts and will try to get you an answer shortly.

Hi Vishal,

Thank you for your interest in Accurics.

The -config parameter expects you to specify the config file that you download from your Accurics Environment.

Here's the usage example

Accurics plan -config= Config/file/Path

On a free license plan, the config file gets downloaded along with Accurics CLI. You may separately download it by launching Accurics console and visiting Dashboard--> --> Download CLI.

For more details on CLI, type 'Accurics Help' on the terminal window

Hope this helps.


Hi Amar

Thanks for mail .
this way also it gives EXIT1 .
then i added region in command line that also results in EXIT1 .

i wanted to pass region as terraform plan also looks for this variable but failing consistently , kindly help .
With Regards
Vishaal Kumar

Hi Vishaal,

As far as variables are concerned, you can pass them as you would have to terraform plan. E.g.

terraform plan -var 'foo=bar'

can be passed as

Accurics Plan -Config=your-config-file -var 'foo=bar'

Please let me know if it works.

Hi Amar

it went to other error like below .

I already have tried options in linux and windows 10 like below , result was EXIT1.

Linux AMI :

accurics plan -region=us-west-2

  1. accurics plan -region='us-west-2' -o --------Error while waiting for the Terraform plan to complete: exit status 1
  2. accurics plan -region=us-west-2 -var-file=C:\Users\kumarvis\Downloads\terraform\Terraform\Terraform\modules\eks\config Error while waiting for the Terraform plan to complete: exit status 1
  3. accurics plan -region=us-west-2 -target=C:\Users\kumarvis\Downloads\terraform\Terraform\Terraform\modules\eks\config -- same above
  4. accurics plan -region=us-west-2 C:\Users\kumarvis\Downloads\terraform\Terraform\Terraform\modules\eks\config
  5. accurics plan -var1=/home/ec2-user/terraformnavi/Terraform/
  6. accurics plan -region=us-west-2 -var-file=/home/ec2-user/terraformnavi/Terraform/terraform.tfvars
  7. accurics plan -var-file=/home/ec2-user/terraformnavi/Terraform/terraform.tfvars
  8. accurics plan -var1=/home/ec2-user/terraformnavi/Terraform/terraform.tfvars

on root

  1. ./accurics plan -region=us-west-2 -out

on windows

  1. accurics.exe plan -region=us-west-2 -out=C:\Users\kumarvis\Downloads\

With Regards
Vishaal Kumar

Hi Vishaal,

Can you share a working "terraform plan" command line for your project?

Hi Vishal, the syntax for accurics plan is as below

accurics plan -config=<config file name> [optional variables that you would pass in terraform plan]

Where config file name is the file downloaded from environment created in accurics web console.

e.g. if you have terraform plan parameters as below
terraform plan -var="region=us-west-2"

accurics plan will be as below
accurics plan -config=<config file name> -var="region=us-west-2"